If your manuscript has already gone through an in-depth developmental edit and a subsequent copyedit, then proofreading is the service you need! We’ll blow the last little specks of digital dust off your pages.


I provide excellent copyediting services  that reflect expertise in both Chicago and MLA styles. I am also familiar with AP and APA styles and I can adapt to any preferred style guide. My areas of specialty include fiction, poetry, memoir, biography, history, pop culture, film, and the social sciences.


This is the best choice for your manuscript in progress. I will provide close examination of structure, voice, character, narrative arc, and flow. In addition to a line-edited manuscript, you will receive a comprehensive editorial letter that entails overall suggestions for development from a “big picture” perspective.


Do you have a manuscript with unconventional needs? Are you finished with a project and simply want some informal feedback on structure, theme, or next steps? I charge a flat fee for this service that is based on the size of your manuscript. Get in touch and we’ll work out the details.