“Isobel O’Hare is an immensely talented editor. She continues to work on a number of projects with Nomadic Press, including a selection of our chapbooks, our online book reviews, and our online long-form interviews. Should you be seeking a mindful, attentive, and tactful editor who is simply a joy to work with, look no further than Isobel O’Hare and New Wave Editing.”  – Joshua Kent Fowler, Publisher and Founder of Nomadic Press

“Isobel at New Wave editing is a rock star. She’s a highly skilled editor who doesn’t miss a thing. I have worked with her on projects that require substantive, content-based editing as well as basic copy-editing. Her feedback in both areas was very useful. Her content-based suggestions (what to expand upon, what to cut, etc.) and her line edits for syntax, word choice, and more have helped me to become a clearer, more impactful writer. Isobel has also provided me with great advice for tailoring my writing to best suit different genres, from query letters and resumes to blog articles.

I believe that successful editing requires good communication. Isobel is easy to work with and takes seriously what you want to get out of your writing, rather than tailoring the work more to her style or goals. I’ve felt steam-rolled in working with other editors in the past, and have felt like I didn’t get my money’s worth out of the experience. Isobel, by contrast, is top-notch. I’d be happy to work with her again in the future.” – Kate Geenberg, Journalist

“Isobel from New Wave Editing helped me edit wording on two websites that I manage. All the information reads much clearer and more concise after her work. Isobel was easy to communicate with and had a quick turn-around time. Thank you, New Wave!” – James Meder, Musician and Founder of Pique Recording

“Isobel is a kind, thoughtful and creative genius. If you have the opportunity, hire her immediately. Any and every project can be enhanced working with a talent of this high caliber.” – Mitch Hightower, Writer